So, This Is Blogging, Huh?

By Jay Kirell


Hello everyone.

My name is Jason, I’d like to welcome you to this corner of cyberspace I’ve paid a web-hosting service to carve out for me.

What you’re reading is, as of now, only the beginning of what I hope will be an interesting and entertaining daily read. I’m going to write about my interests: social justice issues, horse-race politics, sports, movies and television, as well as my life in general.

I thought I’d toss out a little Q&A for the first post, but considering I don’t have any readers (and thus no questions) I’ll make up my own questions and answer them.


Q: What is The Sterling Road?

A: It’s my blog.

Q: And who are you?

A: Jay.

Q: Alright, Jay, what does “the sterling road” mean?

A: You know how rich people live life like the streets were paved with gold?

Q: Uh-oh.

A: No, no. Just listen. You know how rich people live life on another level from everyone else —

Q: — oh-kay —

A: — without the same concerns, struggles, anxieties as us regular people?

Q: If you say so.

A: Well, the sterling road is the road everyone else walks on, whether you’re destitute, struggling or middle class.

Q: I see.

A: It’s true! The people on the gold road don’t even concern themselves with the people on the sterling road. Most of the time the media and the politicians don’t either, they just serve the whims of the gold road folks, hoping if they hobnob with them, they’ll be able to walk that road too.

Q: You seem to have put some thought into this.

A: I’ve lived all my life just above the poverty line. Even with being a suburban kid who had all the opportunities. I’ve worked a full-time jobs for the last 15 years and had health insurance for four of those – and that’s because the Army paid for three of them. Some people don’t make it to the gold road, no matter how hard they try.

Q: Well, I think I understand you a little better now.

A: Just kidding. It was a street I lived on when I was a kid.

Q: You’re an asshole.

Yes, that’s correct. I’ll make up an entire conversation and argument with myself for the sole purpose of swerving you on what the name of this site means.

Just in case, say 1000 posts later, when someone just stumbling onto this asks what the name of this blog means, those of you in on the ground floor of this operation will be able to smile.

Because you know.

You know.

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