Don’t Feed the Trolls: New Anti-Abuse Button Introduced On Twitter


Twitter has announced new rules, including an in-tweet button to report abuse instantly, following massive troll attacks targeting female British journalists and activists, who successfully campaigned for placing a woman’s image on a British banknote.

Twitter announced in its blog on Saturday that it is introducing new rules to combat online trolling. The major innovation is a one-click “report abuse” button, which will appear gradually on all Twitter versions for different mobile devices, as well as on the social network’s website.

“We introduced an in-Tweet report button in the latest version of the iOS Twitter app and on the mobile web. Rather than going to our Help Centre to file an abuse report, users can report abusive behavior directly from a Tweet. Starting next month, this button will also be available in our Android app and on,” the company’s statement reads.

Twitter promises to have more of its people engaged in processing the reports. This anti-online-harassment team would among other things be tasked with fighting “targeted abuse”, such as sending messages from multiple accounts, creating accounts for troll activity only, and sending out threats.

The measures have been introduced following a UK troll attacks scandal. Five female activists who successfully campaigned for having Jane Austen’s face on a 10 pound banknote were inundated with bomb and rape threats on Twitter.


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