Man Robs Elderly Couple, Then Sends Them Friend Request On Facebook


Suvabrata Sanyal, 25, was so chuffed with himself following a Rs 25-lakh heist he had pulled off in April, he sent Facebook friend requests to the elderly couple he had robbed.

That one online activity was enough for the police, who by then had hit a dead end in the probe, to pick up his cyber-trail and arrest him at his Kolkata house on Friday.

Sanyal, who joined retired marine engineer Deepak Raut’s Vashi house as a domestic help on April 23, escaped with cash and valuables worth Rs 25 lakh after spiking the kheer he served Raut and his wife Amita on April 30.

After they arrested Sanyal and were bringing him back to Mumbai, the police officers couldn’t help but ask him why he would do something so stupid. It turned out Sanyal’s motive was to taunt and mock his victims. He also was curious that the police had not picked up his trail.

“He first said he had sent the requests to make fun of his victims,” said Ramesh More, inspector, Vashi police station. “He also said he was surprised that the police were not looking for him even three months after the incident. He wanted to check if they had filed a police complaint at all.”

For three months after the incident, the police were unable to find any clues leading to Sanyal. Worse, the Santacruz-based agency that had referred Sanyal to Raut, 69, did not have any information about him. Nor had they verified his permanent address.

On July 24, a worried Raut approached the police with another piece of information. That morning he and his wife Amita, 65, had received Facebook friend requests from Sanyal. His son in the US and daughter who lives in Pune also received similar requests.

As though to show them it was for real, Sanyal was also changing his profile picture every 10 minutes. “As soon as Mr Raut told us about this bizarre act, we found his e-mail ID and gave it to the cyber cell for tracking,” said Inspector More. “They immediately started picking up Sanyal’s internet activity from all over Kolkata. We then found out he was accessing the internet from his mobile phone.”

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