Air Traffic Control Tower In Kansas City Evacuated….Because of Spiders


On Saturday, an air traffic control center in Olathe, Kansas, was evacuated after the third ATC operator in a week was bitten by a spider, and a hatched spider’s nest was discovered underneath his desk. But how many spiders could have been crawling around that room? “You’re talking into the thousands from one mom,” a pest control expert told KSHB-TV.

Thousands …

What the local news report doesn’t tell us but is very likely the truest thing you’ll ever read is how, upon evacuation, everyone was going absolutely apeshit — five planes were even delayed from landing and takeoff during the evac. If the GIF above didn’t make it any clearer, we’re talking thousands of spiders. Eight-legged assholes sneaking across a room inside a building that’s more than 50 years old.

“Spiders love old buildings,” according to KSHB correspondent Amy Hawley. “This building right here was built in the 1960s. They have chosen to nest inside because exterminators say spiders may have already known insects were creeping and crawling, hidden away.”

The air traffic control center is bringing the exterminator back once more before moving operators back into the space.

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