Man Handcuffed & Banned From Florida Mall For Wearing Hoodie


According to WPBF in Boynton Beach, Florida, 22-year-old Jared Alexander said he was wearing a hoodie at a Boynton Beach mall when a security officer asked him to take the hoodie off. When he refused, other security officers showed up. Alexander said, “Why are you guys harassing me? I’m not stealing. I’m not going to take my hoodie off.” After a few minutes, he says, he had to go to work and so he left. He was met outside by police. Alexander says they handcuffed him and questioned him.

Alexander said he was trying to shield himself from the rain. Boynton Beach Mall has a posted code of conduct at all entrances, reading, “Mall may restrict hoodies, hats and dark glasses concealing facial identification of patrons and visitors at the mall’s discretion.” Alexander says he bought his yellow hoodie at the mall. Alexander was given a trespassing citation and barred from the mall for a year. Boynton Beach Mall maintains that its code of conduct has been in place for years, but Alexander claims he was targeted.


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