Not To Say I Was Right And Glenn Greenwald Was Wrong, But…

When Glenn Greenwald compared Edward Snowden to civil-rights icon John Lewis by saying Lewis “praised” Edward Snowden’s actions, when, if you read past the headline, is something Lewis said absolutely nothing close to.

As I have grown the habit of doing lately, I replied to Greenwald and while this conversation wasn’t as engaging as the previous one, he still tried to paint Snowden as some sort of civil rights pioneer alongside the one’s that…you know, got arrested.

I don’t seem to recall any civil rights icon fleeing to a foreign country to get out of the wake of the boat-rocking they started.

But here is the twitter exchange, and you can make up your own mind….





News reports about my interview with The Guardian are misleading, and they do not reflect my complete opinion. Let me be clear. I do not agree with what Mr. Snowden did. He has damaged American international relations and compromised our national security. He leaked classified information and may have jeopardized human lives. That must be condemned.

“ I never praised Mr. Snowden or said his actions rise to those of Mohandas Gandhi or other civil rights leaders. In fact, The Guardian itself agreed to retract the word “praise” from its headline.

“At the end of an interview about the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington, I was asked what I thought about Mr. Snowden’s actions. I said he has a right as an individual to act according to the dictates of his conscience, but he must be prepared to pay the price for taking that action. In the movement, we were arrested, we went to jail, we were prepared to pay the price, even lose our lives if necessary. I cannot say and I did not say that what Mr. Snowden did is right. Others will be the judge of that.”

Once again…


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