Instead Of A Degree, It Would Have Been Cheaper For The Government To Give Me A Porsche


By Jay Kirell

The above document is my financial aid letter from Hofstra University – a private school on Long Island notable for hosting at least one presidential debate in 2008 and 2012.

I’m heading back there in September to finish my BA.

Total cost for one year = $58,710.

The price tag is staggering for just one year. Luckily the GI Bill and a bunch of other programs cover the total cost. I literally won’t be shelling out one nickel of this.

That puts me in the weird position of laughing at the bill instead of crying over it, possibly the only time in history someone other than a school president took amusement at the cost of college in America.

It got me into looking up what else the amount my bill covers could have paid for:

* About 30 homes in Detroit. Not your choice of – 30 homes you can bundle together and buy for less than $60,000.

* A 70-inch 3D television for every room in your house.

* Most of the cast of Jersey Shore to show up to your birthday party.

* This. They could have paid for this… dfd

I’ll take the degree though, since the alternative is, well, not hopeful.

But how the bloody hell do people who aren’t having their full college ride paid for by either the government or a scholarship afford this?

And pity the poor journalism majors like me, NO WAY they’re paying that back anytime soon.

Man, now I’m depressed. And I’m the one on the free ride.

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