Knock Knock – Who’s There? A Guy Riding A Horse Into A Bar Who Just Wants To Lasso A Customer And Drag Him Through The Parking Lot


Near Lafayette in the town of Scott, La., a midnight rider strolled into a bar on his steed then later lassoed a customer and dragged him through the parking lot, according to police.

Police in Scott, were called to the Cowboy’s nightclub just after midnight when the incident occurred.

Police said 26-year-old James Rene Mouton brought his horse via trailer to the bar, but went in without the animal at first. However, after drinking at the bar, police said, Mouton went outside, unloaded the animal and rode it into the bar.

A bar patron escorted Mouton and his steed outside the building, where moments later Mouton roped a 47-year-old man using a lasso, dragging him through the parking lot by Mouton and his horse.

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