Kitten Survives Nearly Hour-Long Spin In Running Washing Machine


This tiny kitten didn’t waste much time using up one of her nine lives after she became trapped in a 50-degree washing machine cycle for a full 50 minutes.

Seven-week-old Poppet had a miracle escape after climbing into the laundry basket when owner Laura Gilholme’s back was turned.

Laura, 27, said: “I was halfway through putting in a load and she must have jumped into the machine without me knowing.

“I only realised what had happened when the wash had finished and I’d opened the door. She was unconscious and my neighbour tried to do mouth to mouth but then we rushed her to the vets.

“There was no response from her and we really thought she had died.”

But vet John Gunn was able to revive Poppet and nursed her back to health.

The lucky kitten has now been reunited with Laura and her six-year-old daughter, Megan.

Laura, from Manchester, said: “I really thought that was it and didn’t think she would survive. John really did save her life.”

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