Parents Who Met At Burger King Give Birth To Near 13-lb Baby


A baby girl born weighing a huge 12lbs 6oz has been nicknamed the ‘Whopper’ by her parents, who met at Burger King. Eva Lily Margerrison has been given the affectionate name by proud parents Danica Slavin and Sam Margerrison – who got together while working at the fast-food chain.

Eva was born by emergency Caesarean on August 4 – nine days late – at the Jessop Wing maternity unit in Sheffield, South Yorkshire,

She is so big she has already almost outgrown newborn clothes.

First-time mum Miss Slavin, 20, says her grand entrance has left relatives puzzled as there is no history of large newborns in the family.

She said: ‘We call her the big whopper because Sam and I met at Burger King.

‘We’ve no idea where her size comes from because neither I nor Sam were big babies, it’s come out of nowhere.

‘We knew she was going to be a big baby but not quite that big.

‘When the doctors said how much she weighed we were just in shock.

‘She’s long and she’s got big feet too. She will be in clothes for babies aged three to six months soon. She is doing really well and we are chuffed to bits.’–parents-met-Burger-King.html


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