WikiLeaks’ Baby-Faced Traitor


LONDON: When he met Julian Assange for the first time, Sigurdur Thordarson admired the WikiLeaks founder’s attitude and quickly signed up to the cause.

But little more than a year later, Thordarson was working as an informant spying on WikiLeaks for the US government – embroiling himself as a teenager in one of the most complicated international events in recent history.

Thordarson says he was instructed to build relationships with people close to WikiLeaks in order to gather information for the feds.

In a series of interviews, Thordarson has detailed the full story behind how, in an extraordinary sequence of events, he went from accompanying Assange to court hearings in London to secretly passing troves of data on WikiLeaks staff and affiliated activists to the FBI.

The 20-year-old Icelandic citizen’s account is partly corroborated by authorities in Iceland, who have confirmed that he was at the centre of a diplomatic row in 2011 when a handful of FBI agents flew in to the country to meet with him – but were subsequently asked to leave after a government minister suspected they were trying to “frame” Assange.

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