Bloomberg Leaves Office With Mixed Poll Numbers


Most New Yorkers say Mr. Bloomberg’s policies have favored the rich over the middle class and the poor. And 70 percent say that as mayor, he has paid too much attention to Manhattan, rather than its surrounding, less well-off boroughs.

Over all, the Times poll offers a portrait of a long-term relationship between mayor and city that remains deeply conflicted and contradictory, marked by almost loveless admiration and an unmistakable yearning for change as Mr. Bloomberg’s third and final term winds to a close.

Asked to rate the 12 years of his mayoralty, 52 percent describe them as fair or poor, compared with 46 percent who label them as excellent or good.

When comparing him with past mayors, 38 percent rank Mr. Bloomberg as average — a bracing evaluation for a man who thinks of himself as anything but. Still, 21 percent say he is above average and 15 percent say he is one of the best.

Since he become mayor, 40 percent say the quality of life in the city has stayed the same, 35 percent think it has become better, and 23 percent find it has gotten worse.

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