Morgues Overflowing As Egypt Death Toll Climbs Near 700




At least 638 people were confirmed killed and almost 4,000 wounded when riot police backed by armoured vehicles, snipers and bulldozers smashed two protest camps in Cairo where demonstrators had been calling for the return of deposed President Mohamed Morsi.

Supporters of the Muslim Brotherhood say the death toll is far higher, with hundreds of bodies as yet uncounted by the authorities, whose troops and police crushed.

Louisa Loveluck said she had seen hundreds of bodies laid side-by-side in the el-Imam mosque, a short distance away from the Rabaa el Adaweya mosque where the main protest camp was based.

“The morgues are entirely overflowing they cannot take anymore cases. This means that bodies from the bloodshed on Wednesday are piled up outside,” she said.

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