40 Pythons Removed From Hotel Room


Forty pythons have been found in a hotel room in Ontario, Canada.

The reptiles were found on August 15 in the room in Brantford where a couple who had been evicted from their home were staying.

Police report the snakes were being kept in several plastic storage bins and range in size from 30 centimeters to 1.4 metres.

The reptiles have been taken into care by the Canadian Society for the Protection of Animals after being found in poor health.

Police said they hadn’t been properly cared for and were ‘in distress.’ They are now being cared for by a vet.

Police in Brantford, Ontario have opened an investigation into the couple who were staying in the room where the snakes were found.

They have not revealed the couple’s whereabouts or whether the pair will be charged for owning the snakes which is in breach of local laws.

The discovery comes weeks after two young brothers were tragically killed in their sleep by an African rock python.


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