Apple To Come Out With Thinner iPad


Apple, the second largest information technology company of the world and the third largest mobile phone vendor, has garnered a lot of respect and popularity around the globe and its products remain highly coveted. Last year the company launched its iPhone 5, the new flagship smartphone. Now, the company is not only preparing to launch a low cost iPhone, but new version of its iPad is also under development.

People familiar with the matter have stated that the company is working on a thinner design of the iPad as it is making an effort to remain atop the extremely crowded tablet-computer market. It was also revealed that it is in the company’s plans to introduce a new iPad Mini that will boast a high resolution screen. The source asked not to be named as this is a private development. It was added that the new models of the iPad will be introduced in the last three months of 2013. It was Apple Inc. that popularized the use of tablet computers amongst consumers, which were able to blend the functionality of a laptop and a touch-screen smartphone.

However, now, Apple is facing rising competition from Samsung Electronics, Google Inc. and Asustek Computer. In the second quarter of this year, the share of Apple Inc. in the market declined to 32.4%. In comparison, the company had held a share of 60.3% last year. These figures were provided by IDC, the market research firm. It was also stated by the research firm that in anticipation of new models from Apple, the shipments of tablets are also slowing down. The full-size iPad that’s in the works will have a 9.7 inch screen, but its body will resemble the already existing iPad Mini.

The new model will have a thinner bezel as compared to the current one. This redesign will be the first after March 2012 when the company had introduced a high-resolution iPad that had the shape of the models being sold currently. Having a 7.9 inch screen, the same high resolution display is not possessed by the iPad Mini as the one that can be seen in the larger iPad and in the iPhone. No comment was made by the spokeswoman of the Cupertino, California based firm.

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