Police Give Kids, Aged 3, 4, 7 Civil Disobedience Warnings For Playing In Neighbor’s Yard


This story comes to you straight from the “odd files” category. Three toddlers, Caidence Leadbitter 3, and her playmates Isabel, 4, and Ellie-Louise, 7 have received civil disobedience warnings from the police. It seems the toddlers stomping around Caidence’s front yard was a threat to elderly neighbors who called the cops.

The report on UPI.com says: “Police in West Midlands, England sent letters to homes on the street warning against children’s “intimidating” behavior.” According to UPI.com civil disobedience orders are reserved for things like shoplifting, mugging, arson and such things.

Allan Cameron of the Solihull police said they have seen a “rise in reports” when it comes to anti-social behavior (ASBOs). Cameron also said letters were sent to the three girls’ homes and every house on their street received a letter. He also said it’s understood that children play outside but the children’s behavior have caused the destruction of several plants and minor damage to trees.

Obviously this is not an ideal situation to the elderly neighbors who saw the toddlers’ innocent stomping around in the yard as some kind of rampage which intimidated them. Needless to say the mothers of the toddlers were outraged and rightly so, their children’s playful behavior is being interpreted as “anti-social and intimidating.”

It’s said the police also noted that ASBOs are typically not given out to anyone under 10 years old. According to the Midlands police chief the youngest person to ever receive an ASBO was 11 years old. Caidence’s mother, Kelly Leadbitter views the letter as a threat and said: “When you get a letter through your door from the police effectively saying your child has been engaging in anti-social behavior you think of ASBOs.”


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