Recently Discovered Bolivian Farmer May Be The Oldest Person To Ever Live


A 123-year-old man may be the oldest man in the world, and this 123-year-old from Bolivia who could very well be the oldest man to have ever lived is known to walk a lot and chew quite a bit, Total Move reports this Aug. 15, 2013. Carmelo Flores Laura is this oldest-living person, having been born in 1890: a true man of the ages.

The 123-year-old man, Carmelo Flores Laura, attributes his long life to healthy eating (only having barley, not other types of carbs), walking every day, spending time with animals, and enjoying a mild stimulant, the coco plant, in Bolivia. Carmelo (who often goes by the nickname “Melo” to his friends and fellow Bolivians who know him) was born even before the 20th century.

The reason this man may be the oldest man in the world? His health, and that he credits due to his active lifestyle.

“I walk a lot, that’s all. I go out with the animals,” says Flores, who’s tended cattle. “I don’t eat noodles or rice, only barley. I used to grow potatoes, beans, oca (an Andean tuber).”

The 123-year-old enjoys his coco leaf tobacco, too, and despite its dangers, he may still be the oldest person who ever lived — and the oldest chewer.

“His gums bulge with coca leaf, a mild stimulant that staves off hunger. Like most Bolivian highlands peasants, he has been chewing it all his life.”

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