Unbred Dog Miraculously Starts Milking; Saves Newborn Kitten (because I’m not ending the day on a sour note)


Meet Ba Boo, a 3 year old shar pei from Kodak Tennessee. Her owner, Sherry Brandt, describes her as a sweet dog who likes to be at home. And why wouldn’t she? Ba Boo has everything a single dog could want, her own house, her own yard, her own space. That all changed when Ba Boo’s owner brought home a new friend.

Sherry’s daughter rescued an abandoned kitten from a local Kroger parking lot. They took the kitten in and named her Ally. It didn’t take long for Ba Boo and Ally to hit things off, constantly playing and wrestling.

After a few weeks, Sherry noticed that Ba Boo was looking swollen. “I thought, she couldn’t have milk because she’s never had puppies, she’s never been bred.”

None of that mattered. It was official, Ba Boo was now a mother. “She seemed to have faith that this was her mom and that she’d get milk. Ba Boo seems to believe that she’s the cat’s mom. It’s just a miracle that she got milk and she is nursing this kitten.”

Milk wasn’t the only thing to show up. Ba Boo’s maternal instincts also kicked in. As if Ally were her own pup, Ba Boo cleans her, teaches her and even disciplines her in the form of a bark when Ally gets out of line.

“We’re planning on keeping them together. They seem very content. She looks at me very serious when she nurses like this is so serious, I’m caring for my baby.”


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