Author of Jack Reacher Novels Confesses: “I’ve smoked cannabis five nights a week for 44 years and my dealer’s on speed dial”


He is one of the world’s biggest-selling  thriller writers, with his Jack Reacher novels so successful one is bought every  two seconds.

Now author Lee Child has admitted he keeps  his writing razor-sharp by working while high on cannabis and even claims that  it should be made compulsory.

‘I’ve been smoking weed for 44 years, five  nights a week,’ the author confessed. ‘I’m the poster boy to prove it doesn’t do  you much harm.

‘I have a guy on speed dial in New  York who  comes over with a huge range of marijuana. I smoke it in a pipe because I’ve  never been any good at rolling my own joints.’

Child was brought up in Birmingham and moved  to America in 1999 after he  published the first of his Reacher novels, of which  he has now sold  70 million.

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