“Free” Tickets To See Obama In Buffalo Selling For Over $500 On Craigslist

Note – this story says the top price was $350, but I went searching and there’s multiple ads for $500 up.


Craigslist is flooded with people selling their tickets to see President Obama Thursday.

Almost immediately after the free tickets were given out and the UB lottery winners were chosen, ads began popping up online.

On Craigslist, one person offered to sell their ticket Tuesday for $250 dollars, but then on Wednesday, the price jumped to $350.

There are also ads from people without tickets, offering hundreds of dollars for a chance to see the President in person.

However, the ticket clearly states it cannot be resold.

We spoke to lawyers who say selling the free ticket online is prohibited.

On Wednesday, warnings have been popping up on Craigslist.The message states that Police are posing as buyers, meeting with sellers, confiscating the presidential ticket, and issuing a criminal ticket.


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