Paparazzo Who Got Into Scuffle With Kanye West At LAX Hires Gloria Allred


The notoriously irksome cameraman who faced off with Kanye West at LAX in July has brought in the big guns. Famous entertainment lawyer Gloria Allred announced she’s repping the photographer who goes by Dano and will be filing a lawsuit against Kanye, reports TMZ.

Now, the rap mogul is looking at court dates, legal fees, and, his favorite thing, more paparazzi covering his every move. And if Gloria’s track record representing some of Hollywood’s biggest names is any indication, she’ll have no trouble pumping this case up for the media. Expect to see the video caught of Kanye confronting Dano on a fairly constant loop for the next few weeks.

There is one piece of good news for the rapper: Last week the L.A. District Attorney announced Kanye won’t face felony charges from that office. Still, that doesn’t rule out the possibility that the L.A. City Attorney will prosecute Kanye for battery and vandalism in connection with the attack, says TMZ. That would be a one-two legal punch on a case it seemed would likely fade away after a quiet settlement.

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