VIDEO: “Duck Dynasty” Star’s Controversial Anti-Abortion Speech Goes Viral

One of the stars of A&E’s huge cable hit “Duck Dynasty” is getting attention for something much more controversial than his beard. Watch Phil Robertson’s speech.

“Some woman has the right to tear you outta her a piece at a time? Come on! … You have a God-given right to live, in all places, inside your mother.” (Via YouTube/OurBereanChurch)

The video was published on YouTube in in 2010, but is just now going viral. 67-year-old Robertson was addressing a crowd at a church in Virginia.

His passionate anti-abortion comments are gaining notice just as the show broke a cable ratings record… (Via Zap2it)

Its August 14th premiere got 11.8 million viewers, the highest-ever for a nonfiction show on cable, more than six times what the series’ premiere got in March 2012. (Via A&E)

In short, it’s a high-profile time for the Robertson family. But this speech may just be giving viewers a glimpse of what was already there: the Louisiana family’s deep faith. Audiences just hadn’t been privyed to it on this level before.

In June, the Wall Street Journal reported…

“ … the show plays down how deeply religious the family is, to Phil’s disappointment. ‘We can’t get into spiritual matters on the show too much,’ Phil Robertson says. ‘That’s a little much for the production company. They say, you know, it’s not the Pat Robertson show.’”

There are some elements though — the show’s episodes end with a family prayer. Phil’s son, Willie, told Fox News he thinks faith has been a significant part of the show’s success.

“I think the faith’s an important part of that. Just the prayer at the end — something simple to us, but that really struck a nerve.” (Via Fox News)

A&E has not released any comments in response to the viral video.

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