White Supremacist Group Tricks Canadian City Into Honoring “European Heritage Week”


Regina City Council is in full damage control mode this week after learning that it was duped into declaring a “European Heritage Week” by an infamous white supremacist group.

In July — at the request of one Bob Smith, Mayor Michael Fougere signed a proclamation setting aside a week in mid-October for the ‘special’ distinction.

But after being told, by a reporter, that Smith is a member of an extreme right wing organization called the Nationalist Party Of Canada, Fougere is appropriately backtracking.

“We made a mistake, I admit that,” Fougere told the Regina Leader Post, noting that the pitch letter mentioned nothing about the Nationalist Party of Canada.

“It’s being a bit underhanded, a bit unfair to us.”

The City has also written to the NPC asking it to make no mention of the Regina declaration on its website.

“The City of Regina does not condone racism or hate in any form but rather takes great pride in and celebrates the diversity of all cultures and recognizes all ethnic backgrounds and their contributions to Regina and Canada’s history.”

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Yes it might have been “unfair” but City Council dropped the ball on this one.

A quick Internet search reveals that Smith writes a pro-racism blog on the NPC website and has close ties with Don Andrews, the head of the organization.

Andrews, who is also a self-described racist, ran for the mayoralty of Toronto on several different occasions.


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