Austrialian Newspaper Reports Its Military Is Working With the US On Syria War Plans


NEITHER Kevin Rudd nor Tony Abbott will talk of armed intervention in the Syrian crisis, but Australian officers are already working with US allies on a plan if one is needed.

No such plans are being made in Canberra, but concerns are growing in the wake of chemical weapons claims and strong words from the Prime Minister.

Mr Rudd fears the situation has the potential to turn into a “major international crisis”.

Asked on Channel 10’s The Project whether he supported Australian intervention in the country in the wake of reports up to 1300 were killed in a chemical massacre, the PM would not go that far, but left the door open.

“The challenge now is to establish the absolute fact of whether the regime used those chemical weapons,” he said.

“If they did then I believe we have a major international crisis on our hands.”

Mr Rudd also reiterated Australia’s major alliance with the United States, where Australian military officers are working alongside the the US military in the Pentagon to help draw up war plans for an American-led intervention.

The news comes a day after it was alleged that government forces had attacked and killed up to 1300 civilians with chemical weapons in and around the capital Damascus.

“Planning sessions involving Australians are under way to brief the administration on options,” a well-placed source said.

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