Family Causes Stink After Supermarket Sells Them Cheese That Expired In 2010


OUT-OF-DATE cheese from 2010 has caused a bit of a stink for a Swansea Valley family.

Amy Johnson and her husband Matthew were shocked to find a packet of Cheesestrings which they had bought from Tesco in Pontardawe were three years out of date.

Mrs Johnson, from Hillrise Park in Clydach, said she bought them from the store for her two boys, Ryan Johnson, aged two, and five-year-old Joshua Evans on Wednesday.

When they checked the sell-by date they were surprised to see December 3, 2010.

“I bought them at around 4.45pm,” she said.

“They were on special offer at 82p for a packet for four.

“We were going to give them to the boys on our way back but we didn’t.

“Joshua later went into the fridge and said to my husband ‘Daddy, these smell’. He looked at the date and it was three years ago!”

The 24-year-old said the smell was unbelievable.

“We opened the outside packet and the smell wafted it out,” she said. “They were stinking.

“I was quite annoyed about it. It is really bad. I don’t understand how it could have happened. How could no-one have seen it? It is shocking.

“My husband keeps saying, ‘not three days or three months — it was three years out of date’.

“If my youngest had them he would have just eaten them and he would have been ill.”

Mrs Johnson said she has taken the packet back to Tesco which has apologised and said it was investigating.

“The firm was going send them off and investigate it and see why they were there,” she said.

“They apologised and gave me a £5 gift card and another packet of Cheesestrings.”

She may have been cheesed off but it has not put her off the store.

“While I was there at Tesco I picked up a few things — I just made sure I checked all the dates!” she said.

“The boys have already eaten two out of the new packet which they gave us.”

A Tesco spokeswoman said: “We’re very sorry to hear about this and have apologised to the customer.

“We are currently investigating how this happened.”

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