DUMB: Woman Arrested After Accidentally Texting Cop Instead of Drug Dealer


Police say they arrested a woman after she sent a text to one of their captains asking him if he knew where she could buy drugs.

Captain Adrian McKinney says he thought it was a joke when he first recieved the text.

“I was thinking one of the other guys was sending me a text to play around a little bit, so I thought ‘Well, I’ll just play along.'” he said.

McKinney says the conversation continued with the person on the other end.

“The text asked me if i knew where to get any tens or seven point fives, oxycodones and percocets,” he said.

McKinney realized the person on the other end was wasn’t joking so he set up a meeting, telling them he had the pills. Officers left out from police headquarters and McKinney says he spotted a woman parked near the meeting point using her cell phone. He pulled her over and says she told him she was texting a friend.

“I held my phone up and said ‘This is my phone,'” he said. “That’s when she started crying, asking me not to do nothing because if I did social services would take her children.”

Police arrested 30-year-old Kassie Hardy, charging her with attempted trafficking in a controlled substance. She had three children in the car with her, ages 2, 4, and 11. Police still don’t know how she ended up texting them by mistake. While McKinney says he thought the exchange started at a joke, he doesn’t think the end result is very funny.

“You can get a chuckle out of the way it took place, but when you start looking at the seriousness of it with the children involved that’s when it gets really sad,” he said.


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