Israeli Intelligence: Poison Gas Used By Assad In Syria

Note: This is a bing-translated page of this German news site.


The use of poison gas in Syria with more than 1300 dead ensures worldwide horror – also because many children among the victims should be. The Israeli intelligence blames President Assad for the massacre.

According to Israeli intelligence circles, the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad for the poison gas attack in Damascus is responsible. A unit of the military intelligence service Amam, the “unit specialized in radio espionage 8200”, controlled the communication of the Syrian army at the time of the gas attack. A former Mossad officer said FOCUS evaluation have revealed clearly that the attack with poison gas missiles from Syrian Government troops had taken place.

The West is in a dilemma after the words of former General Inspector of the Bundeswehr, Harald Kujat. “Morally, he would have to act now, but if he is, he gets a result that he does not want.” Because that meant the further strengthening of the radical Islamists. Kujat has not much of no-fly zones and bombing of Syrian air force bases: “Without a political objective that brings little.”

“Only with ugly compromise solution”
The head of the Munich Security Conference, Wolfgang Ischinger said work a solution in Syria without Assad’s ally Russia do not. “You can’t but without an ugly compromise. Which could consist, for example, that we accept the presence of Assad, when it comes to an end of the fight negotiations and to an investigation of war crimes, the rebels are involved in the Government and there are autonomous or liberated areas.”

The German Government announced aid for the victims of poison gas. In the next few days, special equipment should be flown and distributed to hospitals for diagnosis and medicines worth 1.4 million euros to Syria.

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