SHOCK: 10-Year Old Charged With Raping 4-Year-Old In Houston


A 10-YEAR-OLD d girl is facing charges of aggravated sexual assault after allegedly raping a 4-year old boy during a game of “doctor”.

The girl, identified only as “Ashley”, was playing with a group of children from her housing complex in April when a neighbour reported an incident to the mother of the 4-year-old, KRIV-TV reports. Ashley was reportedly inappropriately touching the child.

“I was at the track with my friend cuz I like running track with my friend and then my Mom called my friend and she told me that my Mom said I had to come home,” she said.

“I was crying and they took me to the car and I didn’t want to get in and I was crying and I was moving and trying not to get in the police car and my Mom told me to calm down,” she said.

Two months later Ashley was arrested and charged. She spent four days in the Harris County Juvenile Detention Centre.

“When my Mom came to see me I said I wanted to go home and then she said I couldn’t go home and she was like I know you want to go home,” she said.

According to Ashley’s mum, the Houston Police sex crimes investigator denied her the right to sit in on a 45-minute interrogation that left her daughter in tears.

“It’s a nightmare even having to go through something like this because that’s my baby, that’s my baby and just the thought of her going through something like this it hurts me,” said mum.

Houston Police are not commenting on the case due to the Ashley’s age.

Ashley will face court in October on sexual assault charges.

“I’ve never dealt with a child this young being accused of a crime,” said Quanell X, who is working with Ashley’s family.

“In fact this was nothing more than inappropriate horseplay that has now lead to a child that is ten years old being charged with aggravated rape.”

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