NASA Looking To Send Sail-Powered Rover To Surface of Venus


There are certain planets that are never the whippersnapper, rather they are the celebrities!! Especially when NASA is after them, then you know there has to be something in these reclusive elements of the solar system. Venus is presently taking that Superstar status as the boffins have turned their dewy-eyes to it.

There is one group in the NASA that wants to know the real story that is behind the existence of the planet. This time, they won’t be delving into the planet by staying afar. No Earth’s observatories or satellites and probes. It’s decided, the time has come when a rover would be sent to Venus akin to that of the Mars.

Geoffrey Landis and his team at NASA have decided to place a sail-powered rover on the turf of Venus. According to Landis, “Venus is the closest planet to Earth, but we know so little about it. We’d be looking at a planet similar to Earth, but [something] went terribly wrong.”
Both Earth and Venus are rock-based planets. They are similar in size and gravity. Landis explains, “It’s hotter than the inside of your oven, with a pressure like it’s one kilometer under [Earth’s] ocean.”

I am sure you must be interested in knowing the name of the landsail rover. The developers have dubbed it as Zephyr after Greek wind gods. The team is all geared up and the settings have been created as they look into the electronics and power sources that would survive in the harsh conditions of Venus.

According to Landis, “You need a much smaller parachute. Otherwise, it would take a long time to come down. But there are some very interesting land forms on Venus that we don’t know anything about. It’d be enlightening to drive around and see what Venus looks like.”

It’s too early to talk about it as it only occupies only paper and prototypes. There have been technical challenges before the team.

Paul Mahaffy, the principal investigator behind the SAM suite of instruments on board the Curiosity rover on Mars, has explained that there was The Pioneer Venus Project’s mass spectrometer that got suffocated by sulfuric acid droplets as it soared in the atmosphere.

The problems have been immense for the NASA but the prototype Venus’ rover is anticipated to resolve the issue and obliterate flaws. For all the crazy NASA fans the rover’s journey would be a treat to watch. Till the time it’s released, we can only speculate!!!

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