Chorizo & Cotija Waffles, Wild Boar Bacon, Cheesy Jamon con Huevos and Other Foods That Soothe The Savage Hipster


When you think of food like chorizo and waffles, you obviously think about breakfast, but it’s not often that you see them morphed together into a delicious creation that melts in your mouth.

Fellow Foodbeaster Peter Pham and I took a trip down to the NoHo Arts District in North Hollywood, Calif. to check out Bow & Truss’ Chorizo and Cotija Waffle and the rest of the crazy eats they had to offer.

With a calculated effort to not only make every dish stand out, but actually taste legit, Bow & Truss holds its own as a chill, up-and-coming spot in California with an inventive menu.

When we sat down, we immediately read the menu, looked at each other and said, ‘Where do we start?’


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