Meet The Weird New Nintendo Gadget Your Kids Will Be Bugging You About This Holiday Season


The Nintendo 3DS is one of the best designed dedicated handhelds of all time. Nintendo followed it up with the Nintendo 3DS XL, and it was just as good. Now the company’s trying its hand at a new design, and it’s just hilarious.

Nintendo announced today the impending launch of the Nintendo 2DS. You read that right, folks. It’s a Nintendo 3DS without the ability to display games in 3D. It also ditched the clamshell design that’s been in use since the original Nintendo DS in favor of something a little more, well, you just need to watch the video:

As you can see, the Nintendo 2DS looks a lot like the bastard child of the original Nintendo 3DS and the Gameboy Micro. It looks incredibly silly and equally painful to hold. That being said, I desperately want to get my hands on one to see how it feels.

Like the rest of Nintendo’s more questionable hardware revisions, the Nintendo 2DS looks to be a fringe product that will appeal to the Nintendo fan that loves weird stuff. It also might appeal to the parent who wants to get their kid a 3DS for Christmas, but for a lower price as the new handheld will retail for $129.

The Nintendo 2DS will launch on October 12. It’s weird, and exactly what I’d expect from Nintendo.

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