BREAKING: Dave Chappelle Fails To Perform Comedy At Hartford Show; Pisses Off Twitter Users

By Jay Kirell

Apparently the comedian – who took a long hiatus from comedy and just recently re-emerged on the scene, was playing a comedy show in Hartford where he apparently, according to various twitter users, forgot to bring the comedy:






tSR will have more information and/or video, if it becomes available.

Update… h/t TheLaughButton


Although the Dave Chappelle-headlined Funny or Die Oddball Festival is only four dates old, it ran into some trouble tonight in Hartford. According to an audience member that was at the show, after performing for about 10 minutes, Chappelle stopped his routine, claiming that people in front were making too much noise. For the next 25 minutes, he sat on a stool, smoking, reading a book and making idle chat until he fulfilled his time allotment.

A check on Twitter reveals some disgruntled comedy fans. The caption to the above photo on Instagram reads “That’s Dave chappelle walking off stage after the Hartford crowd ruined the show and he left us without a show…”

Yet amid all the disappointed tweets are some supporters. One Twitter user said “People in Hartford suck. Was at the Dave Chappelle show tonight and be couldn’t get a word out!” There are a handful of other tweets saying that the crowd was disrespectful and loud and Chappelle did the right thing by not performing, but they’re far outnumbered by those that want a refund and feel like they got ripped off. We’ll see if or how the rest of the tour continues.

On Edit again:

Apparently this isn’t the first time Chappelle has cut his show short recently. This video is from back in July.

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