If Late Developments On Syria Work Out, Faith In Obama Is Once Again Rewarded


By Jay Kirell

President Obama called a proposal on Monday to avert a United States military strike on Syria over chemical weapons use “a potentially positive development” but said he would continue to press for military action.

If Obama brings the nation to the brink of military intervention in Syria – yet pulls back at the last minute – with rumors he floated the idea of Assad turning over his chemical weapons to Russian president Vladimir Putin during the G20 summit, it will mean Obama wasn’t the warmongering fool liberals thought he was, or the weak, indecisive leader conservatives accuse him of being.

On a personal note, even though I support intervention, never for a second did I believe Obama wouldn’t do everything possible to do the right thing. For proof, look at this twitter conversation from 10 days ago:


I would recommend going back and re-reading that whole twitter conversation. It seems even more relevant in light of recent news.

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