NYJ LIVE BLOG: Game 2 – Jets (1-0) v. Patriots (1-0) 9/12/2013 “Someone Will Walk Away Undefeated”


FINAL SCORE: Jets 10 – Patriots 13  (FINAL)

By Jay Kirell


FINAL THOUGHTS – I’m not sure how to read this game.  I mean, the score is EXACTLY what I predicted it would be, but with the teams reversed.  The defenses were pretty good on both sides, but the receivers were horrid all around, and especially on the Jets.  Stephen Hill should have had over 100 yards receiving an a touchdown.  Geno Smith deserved so much better.  On the positive side, the Jets showed they can hang with New England – whether that’s the Jets playing above where people believed they were or whether that was the Patriots being exposed for probably being the worst of the Brady-led teams, who knows?

11:41 PM – why won’t the Jets just let me sleep?

11:33 PM – aaaand that’s game.

11:30 PM – I don’t see us having many more opportunities.  We better score on this drive.

11:23 PM – can anybody on this team hold onto the damn ball?

11:01 PM – sorry, but this is one of the most boring Jets-Pats games I’ve ever seen.

10:55 PM – Kyle Wilson, here’s a hint – don’t try to cut back on wet grass during punt returns.

10:52 PM – Wow, the Pats have bad wide receivers this year…other than Edleman.

10:46 PM – That’s how you do it boys.

10:44 PM – This is a cool little drive by the Jets. They better get 7 out of it.

10:41 PM – Nice run by Smith.  That’s a weapon the Jets haven’t had in like….ever?

10:36 PM – Richardson.  Beast mode.

10:34 PM – this play calling…sheesh.

10:30 PM –  Geno picking up right where he left off.  Nice toss.


The Jets probably aren’t good enough to beat the Patriots more than twice if they played them 10 times a season, but they’re playing them close enough to still steal this game.

Smith has been more than solid so far, and if he got even the slightest bit of help from his receivers (looking at you, Clyde Gates) then this game would be 13-7.

The defense, as usual, is keeping the Jets in the game.  Whether they can hold out and keep the pressure on Brady and his young wide receivers will determine if the Jets can have any chance to take this game.

10:10 PM – HUGE call.  Still down 10.

10:06 PM – big punt coming up here.  50-yarder.  Could have been better.

10:05 PM – just get to halftime without turning it over.

9:57 PM – if the Patriots go conservative in the last two minutes I’ll be very happy.

9:52 PM – of course, two plays later the Pats get a field goal.  (sigh)

9:48 PM – Eh – this game is getting ugly all around.  Both defenses are pretty much killing it.

9:43 PM – Whew.

9:39 PM – Geno was not at fault on that throw, regardless of what the commentators say, Gates has to catch that.

9:36 PM – Smith with a great toss to Hill.  Got nice protection from the line.

9:34 PM – Tommy Bohanan is the little engine that could.

9:32 PM – that little dump-off play to Powell can be a killer this year.  Powell can catch.  Ivory can ran.  The Jets might have a competent backfield.

9:27 PM – that play by Ettleman was the reason I hate playing the Patriots.  Luckily it was called back.

9:26 PM – I believe we’re in what’s called the ‘slog’ period of the game.

9:04 PM – yup.  Another great Geno play blown by his receiver.

9:04 PM – this’ll get overturned, probably.

9:01 PM – I thought that was a touchdown.  Yup.  What a play by Geno.

8:58 PM – Where was this Chris Ivory last week?  Oh yeah, playing a team that can defend the run.

8:57 PM – Jets fans, meet Chris Ivory.  Chris Ivory, Jets fans…

8:56 PM – Geno just got crunched and and delivered a beauty of a throw.  That’s a man, folks.

8:55 PM – So close, Geno.  So close.

8:50 PM – Jets with another hold on defense.  The offense does them no favors, but that’s been the story with this team since Rex took over. They win in spite of their offense, not usually because of it.

8:48 PM – Geno with an amazing throw, and of course, Hill fumbles and the Jets turn it over.   Hill is not going to be in the NFL within the next three years, I’ll make that prediction now.

8:44 PM – NICE stuff job by the Jets defense on that series.  The Patriots coming back for back-to-back scores might as well have shut the coffin on this game.  The Jets said not so fast.

8:40 PM – Gino’s first throw is a zip to Stephen Hill that just missed. Powell follows that up with a 5-yard run, 3rd & 5 and Geno lofts it just over the receiver’s head.  Shaky start for the Jets qb.  Not easy throws to make – but good pros make them.

8:38 PM – New England’s kicker is a beast.

8:37 PM – Let’s see how Geno counters in his first introduction to the rivalry.

8:36 PM – That was just an embarrassing fake out by New England.

8:34 PM – I wonder what Rex just said on the sideline.  It looked like “mutt the duck is going long” – must be a play.

7:54 PM – Oh, the game starts at 8:25?  Oh well.

7:50 PM – 10 minutes to kickoff for the second go-around of my live-blog of every Jets game this season.  The Jets shocked everyone last week when they upset Darrell Revis and the Tampa Bay Bucs.  Can they do the same against Tom Brady and the Patriots.  My smart money says look for the upset. The Jets fearsome young defensive line – anchored by Mohammed Wilkerson and rookie Sheldon Richardson should make this a long night for Mr. Brady.

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