New York State “Obamacare” Exchange Website Crashes Within Minutes Of Debut


By Jay Kirell

A little before 9:00AM Tuesday morning, October 1st – the first day health care exchanges were available for registration online in New York State – I logged on to the website to sign up my wife.


After getting through the first page, where you input some basic information and sign an agreement, the website crashed completely.


It’s still down as of this time. I’ll keep checking back throughout the day to see if it changes. I’m sure I’ll have a bigger write-up tonight after a day’s attempt at getting my wife health care for the first time in exactly six months. Since it was six months from tomorrow that I was officially out of the Army and thus, my Tricare benefits out as well.

And without getting into too great a detail, let’s just say my wife really, really needs health care right now.

I’ll keep updating throughout the day if any changes occur.  On a related note – this is frustrating, but a pretty awesome reflection of how popular Obamacare really is.

But who are you going to believe – Ted Cruz or your lyin’ eyes?

–update– 4:30 PM EST

I’ve tried logging into the NYS exchange site six times today. All about 90 minutes apart from each other. Each time the website times out from too much traffic.

How NY State wasn’t expecting this is beyond me.

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