Justin Bieber Arrested – Twitter Blames Black People


By Jay Kirell

When news of pop star Justin Bieber’s arrest in Florida for DUI and resisting arrest broke on Twitter, the social-media outlet – not surprisingly – exploded.

Discussions of what this meant for the singer’s career were started. Talk about his now-infamous mugshot focused on his smiling face and twinkling eyes.

And many many people started blaming the singer’s troubles on his hanging out with black friends – or specifically – trying to “be black.”


Those who weren’t focused on equating getting arrested with being black focused on the joy they might find at who Bieber might to share a jail cell with:


And just to top it off, this quote from daytime tv host Sharon Osbourne:

“He doesn’t realize is white, not black.”

Just like some twitter users don’t realize they’re being morons, not funny.


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