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CRANKY: 80-Year-Old Pennsylvania Man Arrested For Using Tractor To Fling Rocks At Neighbors


An 80-year-old western Pennsylvania man has been charged with using his lawn tractor to fling rocks and debris at neighbors and police in three separate incidents since June.

Online court records don’t list an attorney for Donald Martin, of Rochester Township, who faces a preliminary hearing Sept. 24 on simple assault and other charges.

The Beaver County Times reports Martin drove his lawn tractor toward three neighbors after using the vehicle to pull a bush out of the ground in a property line dispute on June 21.

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8 Things You Won’t Believe Crawled Into My Bunk In Afghanistan

Not a creepy-crawly protective suit.

By Jay Kirell

Because as Buzzfeed as shown, apparently lists equal eyeballs, so even though I have a predisposition against lists, in this small context it’s warranted.

Believe me, the only way I can comfortably walk you through the stuff you see in Afghanistan that’s completely separate from the war – the stuff that both soldiers, native Afghans and Pakistani-trained Taliban fighters have to deal with – is to list one-by-one, the creepy crawly things that make up everyday life in the country America has been at war with for the last 12 years.

In the interest of full disclosure and honesty, not all of these things actually crawled into my bunk in Afghanistan. Over half of them did though. But I’m not going to say which ones.

So here they are, in increasing levels of horror:

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tSR EXCLUSIVE: GOP Congressman Follows Weird Racist On Twitter

By Jay Kirell

This is a tweet made by ABC legal analyst Dan Abrams on George Zimmerman dating again after his wife filed for divorce.

This was my joking response:

This morning I woke up with this response to my response to Dan Abrams tweet about George Zimmerman dating again after his wife filed for divorce.

I didn’t think anything of it. I figured, okay, crazy racist lady. Big deal. Then I looked up her profile and who was on her followers list:


I was like, wait, a US congressman follows this crazy lady?

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Immigrant Caught Trying To Enter The U.S. – By Hiding In A Shipping Container of Chile Peppers


Authorities say an immigrant suspected of entering the country illegally attempted to make his journey in an unusual but hot place — a shipment of red chiles.

U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers working at a New Mexico border checkpoint said the man was discovered Thursday face down among a commercial load of the spicy stuff.

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Brooklyn Man Decapitated By Toy Helicopter


A man operating a toy helicopter was killed Thursday when it struck him in the head in a park in Gravesend, Brooklyn.

The 20-year old man was flying the helicopter in a park near Bay 44th Street and Shore Parkway when it fell, striking him in the head and killed him.

Initial reports say he may have been decapitated.

Authorities are investigating the cause of the accident.

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